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Aos fãs de Hard/AOR como nós, significa conhecimento de tais materiais com o objetivo de ajudar alguém que procura aquela música de tal banda que tanto gostou, sempre no intuito de aperfeiçoar um diferencial maravilhoso em sua mente que é o Hard Rock, Sleaze/Glam, Westcoast/AOR, Pop 80's, Melodic Rock, Hi-Tech, Ítalo-Disco, Soundtrack, etc.
Se você gostou de algum álbum de qualquer banda baixe, mas depois compre, é ótimo ter o álbum original de uma banda que tanto lhe agradou em suas mãos. É com esse pensamento que nós apresentamos este blog.


21 outubro 2014

VA - The Real Sound of Los Angeles (2014)

Great compilation of my friend french Malone di Mano from Radio Geyster 103.9 FM.


01. All Out of Love [Air Supply]
02. Sleepless Nights [Alan Gorrie]
03. Changing Man [Angelo]
04. It's Something [Brenda Russell]
05. Sailing [Christopher Cross]
06. Take a Little Love [Evie Sands]
07. Bermuda [Gordon Michaels]
08. We Got To Get Back [Jimmy Messina]
09. Only a Dreamer [Pages]
10. Pass This Time [Peter Allen]
11. Heaven Must Have Made You [Pieces]
12. Heart Don't Change my Mind [Robbie Buchana]
13. Steal Away [Robbie Dupree]
14. Blame It on the Night [Robert Byrne]
15. Sad Eyes [Robert John]
16. Single, Solo [Robert Kraft]
17. There's a Song in it Somewhere [Rosie feat. Lynn Pitney]
18. Who What, When, Where, Why [The Manhattan Transfer]
19. If You Believe [Toby Beau]
20. It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference [Todd Rundgren]


Naughty Naughty (UK) - Double a Side [EP] (1992)

País: Inglaterra
Estilo: Hard Rock
Ano: 1992


01. Mr. Sister
02. Cocaine and Guns [radio version]
03. Love It
04. Cocaine and Guns [moonchild mix]


Flame - Blaze (1989)

País: Estados Unidos
Estilo: Hard Rock
Ano: 1989


Phillip Andrew - vocals
Don McBee - guitars, keyboards
Billy "Bronco" Harvey - lead guitars
Stephen Vegas - bass
Denis Bostok - drums


01. Lorelei
02. Ride
03. Ball Chain
04. New Love
05. Givin' Me Lies
06. Get It All
07. Automatic
08. Fascination Touch
09. Bound N' Tied (Paradise)
10. Freight Train
11. Don't Look Down


Shotgun Alli - Shotgun Alli (1994)

País: Estados Unidos
Estilo: Hard Rock
Ano: 1994


Faron Fox - lead vocals
Pete Fry - guitars, backing vocals
Jimmy P. - bass, backing vocals
Tommy Doud - drums, backing vocals

Músico Adicionado:

Scott Metaxas - keyboards, producer


01. Only One
02. Heaven
03. So Alive
04. Time
05. Fly


Babylon A.D. - Lost Sessions, Fresno CA 93

País: Estados Unidos
Estilo: Hard Rock
Ano: 1993


Derek Davis - vocals
Dan De La Rosa - guitars
Ron Freschi - guitars
Robb Reid - bass
James Pacheco - drums


01. Love Blind
02. While America Sleeps
03. Love is a Mystery
04. Bang go the Bells


Babylon A.D. - In the Beginning... Persuaders Recordings 86-88

País: Estados Unidos
Estilo: Hard Rock
Ano: 2006


Derek Davis - vocals, guitars
John Mathews - guitars, keyboards, backing vocals
Ron Freschi - guitars, backing vocals
Robb Reid - bass, backing vocals
James Pacheco - drums


01. I'm No Good For You
02. Back Street Girl
03. Tears
04. Don't Ask Questions
05. Do You Want It
06. Just Another Face
07. She Likes To Give It
08. Too Much Too Young
09. When I'm Gone
10. Hear my Heartbeat
11. Bad Mistake
12. Last Time For Love


Seasons In Color - Nothin' But New (1991)

País: Alemanha
Estilo: Melodic Rock/AOR
Ano: 1991




01. Chance Sweet Freedom
02. Lean On You
03. Newspapers Life
04. Hold On
05. Love Grows
06. Doktor Chicago
07. Christine
08. Still Waitin'
09. Stay in Time


Rio - Borderland (1985)


País: Inglaterra
Estilo: AOR
Ano: 1985


Jon Neill - vocals, guitars
Steve Rodford - drums, bass, keyboards


01. I Don't Wanna be the Fool
02. Straight to the Heart
03. Tommy Can't Help It
04. Better This Time
05. State of Emergency
06. Shy Girl
07. She's a Virgin
08. Close To You
09. Borderland


12 outubro 2014

'The Sure Thing' Soundtrack Movie 1985


01. Infatuation [Rod Stewart]
02. The Heart of Rock & Roll [Huey Lewis & The News]
03. Two Sides of Love [Sammy Hagar]
04. Party All Night [Quiet Riot]
05. Tears [John Waite]
06. Concealed Weapons [The J. Geils Band]
07. The Age of Aquarius [The Fifth Dimension]
08. Button Up Your Overcoat [Ruth Etting]
09. Feelings [Morris Albert]
10. Heartache Tonight [The Eagles]
11. The Fast One [J.D. Souther]
12. The Christmas Song [Mel Torme feat. Robert Wells]
13. You Might Think [The Cars]
14. Dance Hall Days [Wang Chung]
15. Penny Lover [Lionel Richie]
16. Lights Out [Peter Wolf]
17. Just Because [Ray Charles]


'Iron Eagle' Soundtrack Movie 1986

Este é a trilha sonora do filme "Iron Eagle" exibido no Brasil com o nome de "Águia de Aço" de 1986, no qual traz grandes artistas.


01. One Vision [Queen]
02. Iron Eagle (Never Say Die) [King Kobra]
03. These Are The Good Time [Eric Martin]
04. Maniac House [Katrina & The Waves]
05. Intense [George Clinton]
06. Hide in the Rainbow [Dio]
07. It's Too Late [Helix]
08. Road of the Gypsy [Adrenalin]
09. Love Can Make You Cry [Urgent]
10. This Raging Fire [The Jon Butcher Axis]


'Iron Eagle 2' Soundtrack Movie 1988


01. Chasing The Angels [Mike Reno]
02. Gimme Some Lovin' [Insiders]
03. If You Were my Girl [Henry Lee Summer]
04. Burnin' my Heart Down [FM]
05. I Need You [Rick Springfield]
06. I Got a Line On You [Alice Cooper]
07. Tomcat Prowl [Doug and The Slugs]
08. Livin' on the Edge [Britny Fox]
09. Take These Chains [Sweet Obsession]
10. Enemies Like You [Ruth Pointer and Billy Vera]


'Point Break' Soundtrack Movie 1991

Este é a trilha sonora do filme "Point Break", exibido no Brasil com o nome de "Caçadores de Emoção".


01. Nobody Rides For Free [Ratt]
02. Over The Edge [L.A. Guns]
03. I Will Not Fall [Wire Train]
04. I Want You [Concrete Blonde]
05. 7 and 7 is [Liquid Jesus]
06. Smoke and the Water [Loudhouse]
07. My City [Shark Island]
08. Criminal [Public Image Limited]
09. So Long Cowboy [Westworld]
10. Hundreds of Tears [Sherry Crow]


08 outubro 2014

Metal Queens Women In Rock (1990)


01. Cryin' [Vixen]
02. Back to the Cave [Lita Ford]
03. Back to the Bullet [Saraya]
04. Why Call It Love [Phantom Blue]
05. Eye of the Storm [Smashed Gladys]
06. I Hate Myself For loving You [Joan Jett]
07. Gimme Shelter [Joanna Dean]
08. Do It Till We Drop [Witness]
09. Runnin' from the Fire [Lee Aaron]
10. Mission of Mercy [Doro]
11. Head Over Heals [Girlschool]
12. Don't Miss The Turn [Joal]
13. All The Reasons [Envy]
14. Black Bone Song [Zed Yago]
15. Baby Blue [Princess Pang]


Metal Queens Women In Love (1991)


01. Lisa [Lita Ford]
02. St. Christopher Medal [Saraya]
03. Don't Let It Show [Pat Benatar]
04. Who Loves You [Alannah Myles]
05. The First Time [Robin Beck]
06. Higher Ground [Laos]
07. I'll be Holding On [Doro]
08. Love is a Killer [Vixen]
09. Listen To Your Heart [Roxette]
10. I Won't be Lonely [Sahara]
11. Once is Enough [Joanna Dean]
12. Profumo [Gianna Nannini]
13. Make Time For Love [Warlock]
14. World Behind The World [Velvet Viper]
15. Strawberry Fields Forever [Mother's Finest]


Metal Hammer Collection: Metal Ballads (1988)


01. Is This Love? [Whitesnake]
02. Time [Michael Schenker Group]
03. Keep On Loving You [REO Speedwagon]
04. Alone [Heart]
05. Hungry [Darxon]
06. Did It All For Love [Phenomena II]
07. When The World Comes Down [Magnum]
08. Still Loving You [Scorpions]
09. Always Gonna Love You [Gary Moore]
10. The Deeper The Night [Steeler]
11. Goodnight L.A. [Strangeways]
12. Give It a Try [Bonfire]
13. Carrie [Europe]
14. Love Hurts [Nazareth]


Metal Hammer Collection: Metal Ballads Vol. 2 (1989)


01. Don't Know What You Got Till It's Gone [Cinderella]
02. Love Don't Lie [House Of Lords]
03. Soldier of Fortune [Deep Purple]
04. Don't Wanna be Your Fool [Quiet Riot]
05. Don't Give Up [Darxon]
06. Every Rose Has It's Thorn [Poison]
07. You Make Me Feel [Bonfire]
08. Holiday [Scorpions]
09. What Love Can Be [Kingdom Come]
10. Empty Rooms [Gary Moore]
11. The Pale Man [Zed Yago]
12. You're All I Need [Motley Crue]
13. Dream On [Nazareth]
14. When The Children Cry [White Lion]


Metal Hammer Collection: Metal Ballads Vol. 3 (1990)


01. Always Somewhere [Scorpions]
02. Save Your Love [Great White]
03. Without You [Motley Crue]
04. Don't Close Your Eyes [Kix]
05. Heaven [Warrant]
06. Mistreated [Accept]
07. Hold On [Roko]
08. I Remember You [Skid Row]
09. Only my Heart Talkin' [Alice Cooper]
10. I'll See You in my Dreams [Giant]
11. Wasted Sunsets [Deep Purple]
12. Broken Heart [Axel Rudi Pell]
13. Who's Foolin' Who [Bonfire]
14. Parisienne Walkways (Live) [Gary Moore]
15. We Wish You Well [Whitesnake]


Metal Hammer Collection: Metal Ballads Vol. 4 (1991)


01. Close my Eyes Forever [Ozzy Osbourne feat. Lita Ford]
02. Ship of Fools [Robert Plant]
03. Anytime [Michael Schenker Group]
04. Believe in Love [Scorpions]
05. Don't be Afraid of the Dark [Y&T]
06. Wherever I Would Be [Cheap Trick]
07. Still Got The Blues For You [Gary Moore]
08. It Ain't Love [House Of Lords]
09. High Enough [Damn Yankees]
10. Without The Night [Winger]
11. Kayleigh [ Marillion]
12. Let Love Conquer The World [German Rock Project]
13. Standing Alone [Tyketto]
14. Does Anybody Really Fall in Love Anymore [Kane Roberts]
15. So Close To Me [Crash N Burn]


05 outubro 2014

Saraya - Live Westwood Radio, New York 1989


País: Estados Unidos
Estilo: Hard Rock
Ano: 1989


Sandi Saraya Salvador - vocals
Gregg Munier - keyboards
Tony "Bruno" Rey - guitars, backing vocals
Gary "Skid" Taylor - bass, backing vocals
Chuck Bonfante - drums


01. One Night Away
02. Back to the Bullet
03. Healing Touch
04. Lions Den
05. Get U Ready
06. Runnin' Out of Time
07. I'll Give You Money
08. Love Has Taken It's Toll
09. Outro


04 outubro 2014

Mad Anthony - Party Heaven Hell Whatever! (1987)


Gracias a Rotta Bat Rat Fux por esa rareza.

País: Estados Unidos
Estilo: Hard Rock
Ano: 1987


Rick Bernal - vocals
Ralph Longo - guitars
Mark Freseman - guitars
Brian Lujan - bass
James Bohn - drums


01. Mothers Helper
02. Hot Rod
03. When We Touch
04. Falling Out of Love
05. Party Town
06. Just my Tape
07. Only in America [Live 1986]
08. I Had Her Too [Live 1986]
09. Cocaine Times [Live 1986]

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