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Aos fãs de Hard/AOR como nós, significa conhecimento de tais materiais com o objetivo de ajudar alguém que procura aquela música de tal banda que tanto gostou, sempre no intuito de aperfeiçoar um diferencial maravilhoso em sua mente que é o Hard Rock, Sleaze/Glam, Westcoast/AOR, Pop 80's, Melodic Rock, Hi-Tech, Ítalo-Disco, Soundtrack, etc.
Se você gostou de algum álbum de qualquer banda baixe, mas depois compre, é ótimo ter o álbum original de uma banda que tanto lhe agradou em suas mãos. É com esse pensamento que nós apresentamos este blog.


12 abril 2016

AOR Dance Vol. 9 (2016)


01. Feel the Heat [Jean Beauvoir]
02. Rock-a-Bye [Red Siren]
03. Pay For Love [RIO]
04. Heaven [Airkraft]
05. Broken Hearted Round [Adrenalin]
06. My God is a Rock [Larry Melby]
07. Stand Back [Stevie Nicks]
08. We Can't Go On [John O'Banion]
09. Keep On Runnin' [C.C.C.P.]
10. Notorious [Loverboy]
11. Helpless [Stallion]
12. So Hot [Zero Nine]
13. (Don't Try And) Stop Me Now I've Started [Aina]
14. Can't Do Without It [Garnett Ford]
15. We Can Have It All [Joe Bruce & 2nd Avenue]
16. Nothing Good in Goodbye [Phil Cristian]
17. Love of Another Kind [Amy Grant]
18. Heart Don't Fail Me Now [Holly Knight]
19. Love Life [El DeBarge]
20. Not The Only One [Mike Viola]


20 março 2016

Jon Bon Jovi - Miracle [Single] (1990)

País: Estados Unidos
Estilo: Hard Rock
Ano: 1990


01. Miracle
02. Dyin' Ain't Much of a Livin'
03. Bang a Drum
04. Going Back [live at Hammersmith Odeon, London (UK) 1990]
05. Miracle [edit]

15 março 2016

Cherry Wine - Cherry Wine [EP]

País: Phoenix-AZ (USA)
Estilo: Hard Rock
Ano: 1991


Scott Marserino - vocals
Michael Aill - guitars
Lonnie Sentell - bass
Danny Hoet - drums


01. Going my Way
02. Don't Cry Little Girl
03. Love or Money
04. Lights Go Down
05. Time


Dirty Mary - Demos


País: Estados Unidos
Estilo: Hard Rock
Ano: ?


Jody Dobson - lead vocals
Jimmy Anderson - guitars
Dave Norris - bass
Jami Radford - drums


01. Catch my Breath
02. Why I Try
03. Watermelon
04. Blind
05. Running Dry
06. Rainbow
07. Season
08. One Way Ticket
09. Trip


Inclusion - Demo 3 Songs

País: Estados Unidos
Estilo: Melodic Rock/AOR
Ano: 1991


01. Where the Danger Lies
02. Slave
03. Ice On Fire


Damsel - Demos

País: Beverly Hills-CA (USA)
Estilo: Hard Rock
Ano: ?


Sherry Vick - vocals
Craig Life - guitars
Geno Alberico - bass
Joel Englund - drums


01. Burn in the Night
02. Chasing the Sun
03. Angel Blue
04. Lights Camera Action
05. One Nation
06. Angeline [demo]


Dizzy Lane - It Ain't Easy (1990)

País: Estados Unidos
Estilo: Hard Rock
Ano: 1990


01. Shot of Your Love
02. Summer Vacation
03. I've Had Enough
04. It Ain't Easy
05. D.W.I.
06. Outlaw Kid


The Bratz - One (1987)

Thanks to the friend Ugur for this album!

País: Estados Unidos
Estilo: Hard Rock
Ano: 1987


Rich Violet - lead vocals, guitars, bass
Kevin Walsh - lead guitars, bass, vocals
Gregg Steele - keyboards, backing vocals
Dean DeLorenzo - drums


01. Round and Round
02. Give Me Some Time
03. Save my Life
04. Tell Me Why
05. Hold On
06. J'O'E'L'L'E
07. Anthem
08. Lover in a Magazine


The Downtown Clowns - The Downtown Clowns (1994)

País: Suécia
Estilo: Hard Rock
Ano: 1994


Thomas Wallén - vocals
Patrik Larsson - guitars
Jonas Reingold - bass
Johan Folker - drums

Músicos Adicionados:

Jonas Sandkvist - backing vocals
Inger Ohlén - backing vocals
Peter Boman - backing vocals
Malin Petersson - backing vocals


01. Leavin' It Up To You
02. The Day Off
03. The Entertainer
04. Salvation Express
05. Yeah, Why Not
06. Reachin' Up (To Touch Bottom)
07. The Love Bug
08. Outta Hand
09. Happy Life
10. Crack
11. Haunted House


Anxiety - If I Were... (1995)

País: Canadá
Estilo: Hard Rock
Ano: 1995


Guy Habre - lead vocals, rhythm guitars
Michael Eid - keyboards, piano, backing vocals
Matt Eon - lead and acoustic guitars, backing vocals
Steve Bowdy - bass, backing vocals
Stefan Leb - drums, backing vocals


01. Inside Yor Mind
02. Liar
03. Onnie
04. Melody of Love
05. Back in my life
06. Take Me All the Way
07. When I'm Around You
08. I Am the King
09. Angel Heart (Deadly Weapon)
10. Looking Around
11. You're the One


27 North - Strike While The Iron's Hot (1986)

País: Estados Unidos
Estilo: Hard/Heavy
Ano: 1986


R.C. Bell - vocals, drums, rhythm guitars
John Hawkins - bass, lead and rhythm guitars


01. Raised On Rock
02. Reach Into the Dark
03. The Outlaw
04. Echos in the Wind
05. Hear Me Call
06. What You See (is What You Get)


Razzle Dazzle - What The Hell...?! (2005)

País: Itália
Estilo: Sleaze/Glam
Ano: 2005


Mr. Piggy - vocals
Lazy - guitars
Basstard - bass
Nuke - drums


01. Burnin' Alive
02. Bad Boys
03. Mr. Know It All
04. On The Edge
05. The Day After
06. H.O.T.
07. Nothing To Lose
08. Just Love Me For One Night [live]


Butchershop Quartet - Butchershop Quartet (1992-1993)

País: Canadá
Estilo: Hard Rock
Ano: 92-93


Sherman Friesen - lead vocals, guitars, harp
Roger Salloum - guitars, backing vocals
Rob Morrison - bass, guitars, backing vocals
Scott Young - drums, percussion, backing vocals


01. Daddy's Little Girl
02. Kiss It Goodbye
03. Whiskey You're the Devil
04. Piece of Heart
05. The Big Decision
06. Found Out About You
07. Feel This
08. The Ghost Of Me


Burning Tree - Burning Tree (1990)

País: Estados Unidos
Estilo: Hard Rock
Ano: 1990


Marc Ford - guitars, piano, vocals
Mark Dutton - bass, piano
Doni Gray - drums, percussion

Músico Adicionado:

Booker T. Jones - organ


01. Burning Tree
02. Wigs, Blues and High Heeled Shoes
03. Fly On
04. Mistreated Lover
05. Masquerade
06. Playing in the Wind
07. Last laugh
08. Crush
09. Same Old Story
10. Baker's Song
11. Baby Blue
12. Turtle


Pink Cream 69 - Somedays I Sail [EP] (1993)

País: Alemanha
Estilo: Hard Rock
Ano: 1993


01. Somedays I Sail [radio edit]
02. Somedays I Sail
03. Shattered
04. A Good Waste of Time [previously unreleased]
05. Livin' my Life For You [live version]


Bon Jovi - An All Star: A Tribute To Bon Jovi (2006)

País: Estados Unidos
Estilo: Hard Rock
Ano: 2006


01. Have a Nice Day [Fred Coury of Cinderella]
02. Welcome To Wherever You Are [Colby Veil of Hollywood Roses]
03. Runaway [Alex Mitchell of Circus Of Power]
04. In and Out of Love [Stevie Rachelle of Tuff]
05. You Give Love a Bad Name [Kelly Hanson of Hurricane & Foreigner]
06. Livin' on a Prayer [Marq Torien of Bulletboys]
07. Wanted Dead or Alive [Phil Lewis of L.A. Guns]
08. Lay Your Hands On Me [Jani Lane of Warrant]
09. Bad Medicine [Jizzy Pearl of Love/Hate & Ratt]
10. Born to be my Baby [John Corabi of The Crue Union]
11. Living in Sin [Spike of London & Quireboys]
12. I'll Be There For You [Chaz of The Jason Bonham Band]
13. Blaze of Glory [Kory Clarke of Warrior Soul]


15 fevereiro 2016

Message (Dean Fasano & Richie Sambora) - Lessons (1981-1982)

País: Estados Unidos
Estilo: Hard Rock/AOR
Ano: 1982


Dean Fasano - lead vocals, acoustic piano, tambourine
Rich Sambora - guitars
Alec Such - bass
Bruce Foster - acoustic and electric piano,
Simon Gannett - organ
Andy Rubbo - drums


01. Medicine Man
02. Dance of the Dead
03. Where Were You
04. She's Gone
05. Stories
06. Pessimistic Man
07. Swing
08. Lessons
09. It Won't be Long
10. Is There Love?
11. Any Other Girl
12. I Can Feel It
13. In Your Heart [demo]
14. Don't Go, Don't Run [demo]
15. Diana [demo]
16. Living in the Night [demo]


NFinity (before STIFF BOURBON) - From Out of Nowhere (1999)

País: Estados Unidos
Estilo: AOR
Ano: 198?


Jess Curtindale
Michael Clothier
Glen Scott
Alan Hetland


01. From Out of Nowhere
02. Don't You Want Me
03. One More Time
04. Standing in the Darkness
05. Reunion
06. Stay Through the Night
07. Don't Run Away
08. Hard Love


1,000 Pleasures - 1000 Pleasures (1993)

País: Estados Unidos
Estilo: Melodic Rock
Ano: 1993


Jaynes Ahrens - vocals, guitars
Peri Paige - backing vocals
Brett Jr. Wanta - guitars
Johnee D'Shea - bass
Zane Petersen - drums


01. Understood
02. Catch Me
03. Needles and Pins
04. What Now
05. Far Away
06. Rains So Cold
07. Tidal Wave
08. You've Closed Your Mind
09. Go Away
10. What's in Vain


Downtown - Downtown (1989)

País: Finlândia
Estilo: Lite AOR
Ano: 1989


Jari Karjalainen - vocals, keyboards
Esa Kettunen - trumpet
Kari Anttila - saxophone
Ari Saksa - keyboards
Jukka - Hakoköngäs - piano
Jarmo Lehtonen - horns
Vesa Hyrskykari - horns
Vesa Salovius - drums
Pasi Pennanen - bass, guitars
Mika Hautamäki - guitars
Sami Saksa - guitars
Jari Saastamoinen - guitars
Jarkko Salovaara - percussion
Sari Moilanen - backing vocals
Jokke Seppälä - backing vocals
Rele Kosunen - backing vocals


01. Tell Me
02. Make It Real
03. Runaway
04. Turn It Up
05. Close To Your Heart
06. Party On
07. Downtown
08. High Heels
09. I Was Made For Lovin' You
10. Blaze of Love

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