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Aos fãs de Hard/AOR como nós, significa conhecimento de tais materiais com o objetivo de ajudar alguém que procura aquela música de tal banda que tanto gostou, sempre no intuito de aperfeiçoar um diferencial maravilhoso em sua mente que é o Hard Rock, Sleaze/Glam, Westcoast/AOR, Pop 80's, Melodic Rock, Hi-Tech, Ítalo-Disco, Soundtrack, etc.
Se você gostou de algum álbum de qualquer banda baixe, mas depois compre, é ótimo ter o álbum original de uma banda que tanto lhe agradou em suas mãos. É com esse pensamento que nós apresentamos este blog.


23 abril 2017

Melodic Hard Rock/AOR Ballads Vol. 13


01. Heart and Soul [Zero Zero]
02. Love Prevails [Biloxi]
03. When We Made Love [Bad Company]
04. Anyone in Love [Hugo]
05. You're my Hero [Duke Jupiter]
06. Give my Love [Jato]
07. Take my Heart [Corey Hart]
08. Somewhere Lost in Time [Danny Danzi]
09. So Long [China]
10. Let Your Spirit Soar [David A. Saylor]
11. Samantha [After Hours]
12. I'll Still be Loving You [Restless Heart]
13. I'm on my Way [Steve Thomson]
14. You Have The Touch [Paradise]
15. Never Fall in Love Before [Tradia]


06 abril 2017

Melodic Hard Rock/AOR Ballads Vol. 12


01. This Could be the Night [Garbo Talks]
02. Alone [Washed]
03. I Remember the Night [Only Child]
04. Looking at You [Cobra]
05. Can't Live Without Your Love [Borderline]
06. In the Night [Ramos & Hugo]
07. Wherever You Are [Asia]
08. Heartzone [Dreamstreet]
09. Waiting for a Star to Fall [Boy Meets Girl]
10. Timeless Love [Saraya]
11. Born To Reach [Queen Of Spades]
12. Sentimental Street [Night Ranger]
13. So Long [Jojo]
14. Time is Over [Cherie]
15. You Saved [Arrival]


29 março 2017

'That '70s Show' Soundtrack Series 1999


01. That '70s Song (In the Street) [previously unreleased] [Cheap Trick]
02. I Want You To Want Me [Cheap Trick]
03. Black Betty [Ram Jam]
04. Radar Love [Golden Earring]
05. Funk #49 [James Gang]
06. Hold Your Head Up [Argent]
07. Let It Ride [Bachman Turner Overdrive]
08. Saturday Night Special [Lynyrd Skynyrd]
09. Under my Wheels [Alice Cooper]
10. Cities on Flame With Rock and Roll [Blue Oyster Cult]
11. Hey Baby [Ted Nugent]
12. Rock Candy [Montrose]
13. Celluloid Heroes [The Kinks]
14. The Wall Street Shuffle [10CC]
15. In the Street [previously unreleased] [Todd Griffin]


'Girls Just Want To Have Fun' Soundtrack Movie 1985


01. Come On Shout [Alex Brown]
02. On the Loose [Chris Farren]
03. I Can Fly [Rainey]
04. Dancing in Heaven (Orbital Be Bop) [extended] [Q Feel]
05. Girls Just Want To Have Fun [Galli, Holbrook, Marshall]
06. Dancing in the Streets [Animotion]
07. Too Cruel [Amy Hart]
08. Technique [Rainey]
09. Wake up the Neighborhood [Holland]


'Like Father Like Son' Soundtrack Movie 1987


01. Wild Side [Motley Crue]
02. Somebody Put Something in my Drink [Ramones]
03. She Never Looked That Good For Me [Autograph]
04. It Comes To Me Naturally [The Fabulous Thunderbirds]
05. Everybody Have Fun Tonight [Wang Chung]
06. Dance All Night [Autograph]
07. All in the Name of... [Motley Crue]
08. Dudes (Looks Like a Lady) [Aerosmith]
09. Hard Times in the Land of Plenty [Omar & The Howlers]
10. I Ching [Marc Jordan]


'License To Drive' Soundtrack Movie 1988


01. Drive my Car [Breakfast Club]
02. Sweet Surrender [Brenda K. Starr]
03. I Feel Free [Belinda Carlisle]
04. Time Starts Now [Boys Club]
05. Get Out of my Dreams, Get Into my Car [Billy Ocean]
06. Crucial [New Edition]
07. One More Dance [Jonatlan Butler]
08. Jazzy's in the House [DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince]
09. Touch and Go [Femme Fatale]
10. Make Some Noise [Slave Raider]


'One Crazy Summer' Soundtrack Movie 1986


01. Don't Look Back [Demi Moore]
02. Easy Street [David Lee Roth]
03. Be Chrool To Your Scuel [Twisted Sister feat. Alice Cooper]
04. What Does It Take [Honeymoon Suite]
05. Dirty Dog [ZZ Top]
06. Do It Again [The Beach Boys]
07. Wouldn't It Be Nice [The Beach Boys]
08. Fun Fun Fun [The Beach Boys]
09. Fandango [Herb Alpert]
10. I Go To Rio [Peter Allen]
11. Outta Space [Billy Preston]
12. Would I Lie To You [Eurythmics]
13. Born to be Wild [Steppenwolf]
14. Down on the Corner [Creedence Clearwater Revival]
15. Wipe Out [The Surfaris]
16. In my Room [The Beach Boys]
17. Dancing in the Street [Martha Reeves & The Vandellas]


'Summer School' Soundtrack Movie 1987


01. Happy [Danny Elfman]
02. Mind Over Matter [E.G. Daily]
03. Jackie [Elisa Fiorillo]
04. I'm Supposed To Have Sex With You [Tonio K.]
05. Seduction [E.G. Daily]
06. Brain Power [Paul Engemann]
07. All I Want From You [Tami Show]
08. Second Language [Tone Norum]
09. My Babe [The Fabulous Thunderbirds]
10. Get an Education [Billy Burnette]


'Dudes' Soundtrack Movie 1987


01. Rock'N'Roll Outlaw [Keel]
02. Urban Struggle [The Vandals]
03. Show No Mercy [W.A.S.P.]
04. Vengeance is Mine [Simon Steele and The Claw]
05. These Boots are Made for Walkin' [Megadeth]
06. Time Forgot You [Legal Weapon]
07. Jesus Came Driving Along [The Leather Nun]
08. Mountain Song [Jane's Addiction]
09. Lost Hightway [The Little Kings]
10. Dudes Showdown [Charles Bernstein and Co]

'Vice Versa' Soundtrack Movie 1988


01. Set the Night to Music [Jefferson Starship]
02. Crazy in the Night [Malice]
03. Vice Versa [Malice]


'If Looks Could Kill' Soundtrack Movie 1991


01. If Looks Could Kill (No Turning Back) [Glenn Medeiros]
02. One Hot Country [The Outfield]
03. Loud Guitars, Fast Cars and Wild, Wild Livin' [Contraband]
04. One Mo' Time [Trixter]
05. Better The Devil You Know [Kylie Minogue]
06. Teach Me How To Dream [Robin McAuley]
07. All is Fair [The Fixx]
08. Maybe This Time [The Stabilizers]

'Gladiator' Soundtrack Movie 1992


01. We Will Rock You [Warrant]
02. In the Name of Love [Clivilles and Cole Pride]
03. Hold On Tight [Tony Terry]
04. Gladiator [3rd Bass]
05. Till I Die Oye Como Va [Gerardo Latin]
06. For the Love of Peace [PM Dawn]
07. The Power [Warrant]
08. Count On Me [Martin Page]
09. Da Me La Fama [Latin Science]
10. I Will Survive [Cheap Trick]


'Robocop: The Series Soundtrack' 1994


01. A Future To This Life [Joe Walsh feat. Lita Ford]
02. Guilty of Crime [Joe Walsh feat. Frankie Miller]
03. Fire and Brimstones [Joe Walsh]
04. Chutes and Ladders [Dave Edmunds]
05. Flannel Jacket [E.J. Waters]
06. We Gotta Get You Woman [Todd Rundgren]
07. I Only Have Eyes For You [The Flamingos]
08. Stuff Ya Gotta Watch [The Band]
09. In a Gadda Da Vida [Iron Butterfly]
10. Shake Your Body [KC & The Sunshine Band]
11. Robocop Overture [Delta City Orchestra]


'Encino Man' Soundtrack Movie 1993


01. You're Invited (But Your Can't Come) [Vince Neil]
02. Wild Thing [Cheap Trick]
03. Stone Cold Crazy [Queen]
04. Mama Said Knock You Out [Scatterbrain]
05. Your Turn Me On (Turn On Song) [Crystal Waters]
06. Treaty [Yothu Yindi]
07. Feed the Monkey [Infectious Groves]
08. Wooly Bully [The Smithereens]
09. Frankenstein [Edgar Winter]
10. Young and Dumb [The Scream]
11. Why'd You Want Me [The Jesus and Mary Chain]
12. I'm the Hell Outta Here [Steve Vai]
13. Leave my Curl Alone [Hi-C]
14. Luxury Cruiser [T-Ride]
15. Cool Hand Loc [Tone-Loc]


'The Decline Of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years' Soundtrack Documentary 1988


01. Under my Heels [Alice Cooper feat. Axl Rose]
02. Bathroom Wall [Faster Pussycat]
03. Cradle to the Grave [Motorhead]
04. You Can Run But You Can't Hide [Armored Saint]
05. Born to be Wild [Lizzy Borden]
06. In my Darkest Hour [Megadeth]
07. The Prophecy [Queensryche]
08. The Brave [Metal Church]
09. Foaming at the Mouth [Rigor Mortis]
10. Colleen [Seduce]


18 março 2017

Megumi Hayakawa - Metal Version [EP] (1985)

País: Japão
Estilo: Hard/Heavy
Ano: 1985


Megumi Hayakawa - vocals
Yoshinobu Kojima - keyboards
Toshiya Matsukawa - guitars
Takahiro Matsumoto - guitars
George Azuma - guitars
Masahiko Rokukawa - bass
Wataru Yamada - drums


01. C'Mon and Love Me
02. Gudbuy T'Jane
03. Sons and Lovers
04. I Wanna Rock


Lydian - Sky Is On Fire [Single] (1985)

País: Estados Unidos
Estilo: Hard Rock/AOR
Ano: 1985


Lydian - vocals, keyboards
Doug Luttenet - guitars
Glen Mura - guitars, backing vocals
Rohn Click - bass
Gary Ray - drums
Harley Vankirk - backing vocals


01. Sky is on Fire
02. Sweet Surrender


28 fevereiro 2017

Amanecer - Amanecer (1992-1993)

País: México
Estilo: AOR
Ano: 1992-1993


Ricardo Carmona - vocals
Martin Carmona - bass, drums, vocals
Sergio Carmona - electric guitars, keyboards, vocals
Javier García - acoustic guitars, vocals
Alberto Wong - bass, backing vocals


01. Bajo Tierra
02. Loco
03. Si Tu No Estas
04. Mucho Mejor
05. Basta
06. Solo Amigos
07. Siempre Estaras En Mi
08. Complices
09. Que Sucedio
10. No Dudes De Mi
10. Perdido
11. Se Fue


Halcón - Sueños (1988)

País: México
Estilo: Hard Rock
Ano: 1988


01. Sueños
02. El Fin
03. La Musica es Magia
04. Que Viva el Rock and Roll
05. Hombres de Acero
06. Kraken
07. Un Día Mas
08. Carrera Contra la Muerte
09. Alma Cosmica


19 fevereiro 2017

Mackey Feary & Nite Life - Mackey Feary & Nite Life (1983)

País: Estados Unidos
Estilo: Westcoast/AOR
Ano: 1983


Mackey Feary - guitars, vocals
Kenji Sano - bass, vocals
Maurice Bega - vocals
Gordon Uchima - sax
George Tavy - keyboards
Gerry Davis - drums


01. Stop Running From Love
02. Marci
03. Don't Change Your Mind Tonight
04. Such Hot Stuff
05. You, in my Life
06. Biggest Part Of Me
07. Love is Blind
08. I Will Always Be For You
09. Love is on my Mind
10. Marci [Marci Music Remix]
11. Apartment #703

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