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Aos fãs de Hard/AOR como nós, significa conhecimento de tais materiais com o objetivo de ajudar alguém que procura aquela música de tal banda que tanto gostou, sempre no intuito de aperfeiçoar um diferencial maravilhoso em sua mente que é o Hard Rock, Sleaze/Glam, Westcoast/AOR, Pop 80's, Melodic Rock, Hi-Tech, Ítalo-Disco, Soundtrack, etc.
Se você gostou de algum álbum de qualquer banda baixe, mas depois compre, é ótimo ter o álbum original de uma banda que tanto lhe agradou em suas mãos. É com esse pensamento que nós apresentamos este blog.


24 abril 2015

AOR Dance Vol. 8


01. Paper Doll [Brock Walsh]
02. Meet Me in the Middle [The Arrows]
03. That's When I Think of You [1927]
04. You'd Better Wait [Fee Waybill]
05. Down on my Knees [Danger]
06. Roses [Milla]
07. Chasing The Angels [Mike Reno]
08. One by One [Jef Scott]
09. Can't Stop [Mere Mortals]
10. Fool in Love [Mark Scott]
11. Love Lies [Headline]
12. Annie Come Knockin' [Tommy James]
13. Can't Hold On Forever [Lisa Price]
14. Magic [Drama (Norway)]
15. The One and Only [Chesney Hawkes]
16. Turn To Stone [Brother To Brother]
17. This is ShowTime [FAME TV-Serie]
18. City Girl [Chris Mancini]
19. Fit To Fly [VFX]
20. Dream a Little Dream of Me [Mickey Thomas]


Just If I - All One People (1995)

País: Canadá
Estilo: AOR
Ano: 1995


Mike Reno - lead vocals
Neal Schon - guitars
Matt Frenette - drums
Neil Shilkin - piano, keyboards, guitars, backing vocals
Russel Kyne - guitars, backing vocals
Ken "Spider" Sinnaeve - bass, guitars
James McGilveray - percussion
Dee Daniels - backing vocals
David Steele - backing vocals
Ian Putz - saxophone, horn arrrangements
Richard Sera - keyboards on "Cindy's Song"
Etric Lyons - bass, guitars on "Cindy's Song"
Ronnie Baran - drums on "Cindy's Song"


01. Cindy's Song
02. All One People
03. Anywhere Anytime
04. Go Ahead and Cry
05. Carpe Diem
06. After The Storm
07. For Your Love
08. My Turn
09. If It Feels Right
10. For Those in Favour


RIO - Sex Crimes (1986)

País: Inglaterra
Estilo: AOR
Ano: 1986


Jon Neill - lead vocals, guitars
Steve Rodford - bass, backing vocals
Beasley Drake - drums
James Stevens - synthesizers
John Verity - backing vocals
Charlie Brown - backing vocals
Brian Coiley - backing vocals
Alan Moulder - backing vocals
Mark Jolly - backing vocals


01. Pay For Love
02. Under Pressure
03. Atlantic Radio
04. Highschool Rock
05. Guilty
06. When The Walls Come Down
07. Danger Zone
08. Sex Crimes
09. Dirty Movies
10. Bad Blood


RIO - Atlantic Radio [Single] (1986)

País: Inglaterra
Estilo: AOR
Ano: 1986


Jon Neill - lead vocals, guitars
Steve Rodford - bass, backing vocals


01. Atlantic Radio
02. When The Walls Come Down


19 abril 2015

Scream Parade - Demo 1990

Gracias a Rotta Bat Rat Fux por esa rareza.

País: Estados Unidos
Estilo: Hard Rock
Ano: 1990


Tom Kelly - lead vocals
Jon Lauder - guitars, backing vocals
Brett Petrusek - guitars, backing vocals
Rob Berg - bass, backing vocals
Steve Soderstrom - drums


01. Stop The Merry Go Round
02. Dreamin'
03. Wreckless Heart


Nuclear Valdez - I Am I (1989)


País: Estados Unidos
Estilo: Melodic Rock/AOR
Ano: 1989


Froilan Sosa - lead vocals, electric and acoustic guitars
Jorge Barcala - lead and rhythm guitars
Juan Diaz - bass, backing vocals
Robert Slade LeMont - drums, backing vocals


01. Summer
02. Hope
03. Trace The Thunder
04. If I Knew Then
05. Unsung Hero (Song for Lenny Bruce)
06. Strenght
07. Eve
08. Apache
09. Run Through The Fields
10. Where do We Go from Here
11. Rising Sun


Michael Stanley Band - Inside Moves (1986)

País: Estados Unidos
Estilo: AOR
Ano: 1986


Michael Stanley - lead vocals, guitars
Kevin Raleigh - synthesizers, organ, backing vocals
Bob Pelander - piano, synthesizers, backing vocals
Danny Powers - lead guitars, backing vocals
Michael Gismondi - bass, guitars
Tommy Dobeck - drums, percussion


01. Show Me Something
02. No Big Deal
03. When All is Said and Done
04. Somebody Else's Woman
05. Here Come The Kids
06. Inside Moves
07. Headlights
08. Poor Side of Town
09. Bop Till You Drop
10. Hard Die The Heroes
11. Shut Up and Leave Me Alone
12. Hey Angel
13. Rock Me Easy
14. Kiss It Off


Trade Mark - Fatal Blues [Unreleased Tracks] (1992)


País: Grécia
Estilo: Hard Rock/AOR
Ano: 1992


Agelos Kalantzis - vocals
Sotiris Fegitis - lead and rhythm guitars
Nick Lazakis - bass
Christos Diakoumis - drums


01. Too Late
02. Burn The Sky
03. Cold Love
04. Fatal Blues
05. In The Prison Cell
06. Diggin' my Grave [demo recording]
07. Should [demo recording]
08. The Escape [demo recording]
09. Tears in Your Eyes [live]


Joker - Egg Nightmare (1994)

Muito obrigado a Lostryder por ajudar-me com esse álbum.


País: Portugal
Estilo: Hard Rock, Alternative Rock
Ano: 1994


Tiago Gardner - vocals
Jose Vasconcellos - keyboards
Paulo Ferreira - guitars
Hugo Granger - bass
Luis Pascoa - drums


01. Blow
02. Egg Nightmare
03. Stretch
04. In This World
05. Avoid
06. Transcend
07. Craving The Numb
08. Ego Loss
09. The Sunflower
10. Writing on the Wall
11. Ominous Candy
12. The Antichrist
13. Lesbians


Tess - Emotional Bite [EP] (1995)

País: Suíça
Estilo: Hard Rock
Ano: 1995


Consty Athanasopoulos - vocals
Alex Feger - guitars
Werner Noll - bass
J.P. Lips - drums


01. Emotional Bite
02. Innocense
03. When The Eagles Fly
04. Fight For Love


12 abril 2015

Koinonia - Koinonia (1989)


País: Estados Unidos
Estilo: Westcoast/AOR, Smooth Jazz
Ano: 1989


Lou Pardini - lead vocals, keyboards, backing vocals
Justo Almario - saxophone
Harlan Rogers - keyboards
Michael Landau - guitars
Dean Parks - guitars
Abraham Laboriel - acoustic guitars, bass
Bill Maxwell - drums
Michael Fisher - percussion
Jerry Hey - producer
Rose Banks - backing vocals
Patti Henely - backing vocals
Brenda Eager - backing vocals
Alfie Silas - backing vocals
Jean Johnson - backing vocals
Jeff Pescetto - backing vocals


01. Talk About It
02. We Know the Way by Heart
03. Alegría
04. Is It Too Late?
05. Mistral
06. We're All in This Together
07. Come Share my World
08. You are my Love
09. Straight To Paradise
10. Lyn


Luna Llena - A Más de Mil (1991)

Muchísimas gracias a Chus del blog http://hardrockmaniacs.blogspot.com.br/ por compartir esa joya con nosotros.
Y gracias a otras personas que ayudaron buscando ese album.


País: Espanha
Estilo: Hard Rock/AOR
Ano: 1991


J. Layret - vocals
Fernando - keyboards
Felix - guitars
Toni - guitars
Ricardo - bass
Javier - drums


01. Ya No Estás Conmigo
02. Reina del Amor
03. Ven, Ven
04. Siempre Tú
05. Dama de Fuego
06. A Más de Mil
07. Canto para Ti
08. Seguiré


Stallion - On The Run (1987)

País: Suécia
Estilo: AOR
Ano: 1987


Lasse Johansson - lead vocals
Michael Johansson - rhythm guitars
Rafael Martinez - lead guitars, backing vocals
Christer Sundell - keyboards
Peter Andersson - bass, backing vocals
Kenneth Augustsson - drums, percussion, backing vocals


01. Mirror Star
02. Sandra
03. Take Your Chances
04. When You're Tired Enough
05. On The Run
06. Helpless
07. Gone Rockin'
08. Without You
09. Race Against Time
10. Girls
11. Movin' On


Avatar - Runnin' The Red Light (1986)

País: Estados Unidos
Estilo: Melodic Rock/AOR
Ano: 1986


Jim Kilcoin - vocals
Kory Myers - keyboards, backing vocals
Tony Vogel - guitars, backing vocals
Kyle Reynolds - bass, backing vocals
Scott Stulir - drums, percussion, backing vocals


01. Runnin' The Red Light
02. U of C
03. Quit Lookin' At Me
04. Who Would Wanna Be You
05. But For Now
06. Sunset Mystery
07. She Loves Me-She Loves Me Not
08. She's a Part of Me
09. So What
10. Mind Games


Decoy Paris - Love on the Run [EP] (1987)


País: Estados Unidos
Estilo: Hard Rock
Ano: 1987


Lorenzo Joseph - vocals
Wes Overall - guitars, backing vocals
John Nomikos - bass
V.V. Machine - drums, backing vocals

Músico Adicionado:

Anne M. Metzger - keyboards


01. Secrets of the Heart
02. Love on the Run
03. Paradise
04. Take Me in the Night
05. Rock Me to the Top


Reckless Love - Born To Break Your Heart (2012)

País: Suécia
Estilo: Hard Rock/Glam
Ano: 2012


Olli Herman - vocals
Pepe Reckless - guitars
Jalle Verne - bass
Hessu Maxs - drums, percussion


01. Born To Break Your Heart [Tim Palmer mix]
02. Beautiful Bomb [live]
03. On The Radio [live]
04. Hot [live]
05. Push [Outtake from the album Animal Attraction]
06. Animal Attraction [unplugged]
07. The Boys are Back in Town [Thin Lizzy cover - unplugged]
08. One More Time [unplugged]


08 abril 2015

Southern Sons - Truth: The Best Of (1993)


País: Austrália
Estilo: Melodic Rock/AOR
Ano: 1993


Jack Jones - lead vocals, guitars
Phil Buckle - guitars, backing vocals
Geoff Cain - bass
Virgil Donati - drums, keyboards


01. Always and Ever
02. Lead Me To Water
03. Sometimes
04. Heart in Danger
05. You Were There
06. Shelter
07. Still Love You So
08. Hold Me in Your Arms
09. Can't Wait Any Longer
10. Nothing But The Truth
11. What I See


Briar - Take on the World (1986)


País: Inglaterra
Estilo: Hard Rock
Ano: 1986


Kevin Griffiths - vocals, bass
Darren Underwood - guitars, backing vocals
Dave Fletcher - guitars, backing vocals
Dean Cook - drums, backing vocals


01. Take on the World
02. Closing In
03. Odd One Out
04. Everybody
05. Always Gonna Love Ya
06. Lorraine
07. Without You
08. Keep On Running


Briar - Hard Times (1992)

País: Inglaterra
Estilo: Hard Rock
Ano: 1992


Kevin Billington - vocals

Jez Prosser - keyboards Kevin Griffiths - bass, backing vocals
Mark Carleton - guitars
Dean Cook - drums, backing vocals


01. Hard Times
02. Breakin' Away
03. Chance in a Million
04. All She Wants
05. I Know Your Lyin'
06. Burnin' Down
07. To my Door

Bella Bestia - ¡No, Cariño, No! (1988)


País: Espanha
Estilo: Hard/Heavy
Ano: 1988


Pancho - vocals
Tony - guitars
José María San Segundo - bass
Lamberto Amador - drums


01. Una Vez Más
02. A su Lado
03. Te Llevaré Conmigo
04. Maldito Silencio
05. Un Momento Antes de Matarte
06. Ella, Yo y Él
07. No, Cariño, No
08. Malos Tiempos

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