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Aos fãs de Hard/AOR como nós, significa conhecimento de tais materiais com o objetivo de ajudar alguém que procura aquela música de tal banda que tanto gostou, sempre no intuito de aperfeiçoar um diferencial maravilhoso em sua mente que é o Hard Rock, Sleaze/Glam, Westcoast/AOR, Pop 80's, Melodic Rock, Hi-Tech, Ítalo-Disco, Soundtrack, etc.
Se você gostou de algum álbum de qualquer banda baixe, mas depois compre, é ótimo ter o álbum original de uma banda que tanto lhe agradou em suas mãos. É com esse pensamento que nós apresentamos este blog.


03 junho 2018

'Emanuelle 1 - Light Erotic Entertainment Music' Soundtrack Movie 1996


01. Wonderful Life [Black]
02. Still Loving You [Scorpions]
03. Listen To Your Heart [Roxette]
04. Seasons in the Sun [Terry Jacks]
05. Sailing [Rod Stewart]
06. Nostalgie [Julio Iglesias]
07. Kennedy Rose [Patricia Kaas]
08. I Want To Know What Love Is [Foreigner]
09. Tombe La Neige [Adamo]
10. Private Dancer [Tina Turner]
11. Sweet Sixteen [Billy Idol]
12. It Must Have Been Love [Roxette]
13. Sailing Away [Chris De Burgh]
14. Still Loving You [Scorpions]


'The Karate Kid 1' Soundtrack Movie 1984


01. Moment of Truth [Survivor]
02. (Bop Bop) on the Beach [The Flirts Jan and Dean]
03. No Shelter [Broken Edge]
04. Young Hearts [Commuter]
05. It Takes Two To Tango [Paul Davis]
06. Tough Love [Shandi]
07. Rhythm Man [St. Regis]
08. Feel the Night [Baxter Robertson]
09. Desire [Gang Of Four]
10. You're the Best [Joe Esposito]


'The Karate Kid - Part II' Soundtrack Movie 1987


01. Glory of Love [Peter Cetera]
02. Rock N Roll Over You [The Moody Blues]
03. Fish For Life [Mancrab]
04. Rock Around the Clock [Paul Rodgers]
05. Johnny Let Me At 'Em [Southside]
06. This is the Time [Dennis DeYoung]
07. Earth Angel [New Edition]
08. Love Theme [Bill Conti]
09. Two Looking at One [Carly Simon]
10. The Storm [Bill Conti]


'The Karate Kid - Part III' Soundtrack Movie 1989


01. Listen To Your Heart [Little River Band]
02. Under Any Moon [Glenn Medeiros & Elizabeth Wolfgramm]
03. This Could Take All Night [Boys Club]
04. I Can't Help Myself When It Comes To You [Glenn Medeiros]
05. First Impression [Jude Cole]
06. Summer in the City [The Pointer Sisters]
07. Out for the Count [Winger]
08. 48 Hours [PBF]
09. In a Trance [Money Talks]
10. Love Theme from The Karate Kid [Bill Conti]


'The Heavenly Kid' Soundtrack Movie 1985


01. Heartless [Joe Lynn Turner]
02. The Heavenly Kid (Out on the Edge) [Jon Fiore]
03. Heart of Love [Jamie Bond]
04. Obsession [Howard Hewitt]
05. Cruisin' Tonight [Debra Laws]
06. Animal Attraction [Jamie Bond]
07. Two Minute Love [Mickey Thomas]
08. So Mean To Me [The George Duke Band]
09. Hamburgers [George Duke]
10. When The Children Make The Mighty Fall [Neko-Meka]


'Teachers' Soundtrack Movie (1984)


01. 38 Special - Teacher Teacher
02. Roman Holliday - One Foot Back in Your Door
03. Joe Cocker - Edge of a Dream  (theme from 'Teachers')
04. Night Ranger - Interstate Love Affair
05. Freddie Mercury - Foolin' Around
06. ZZ Top - Cheap Sunglasses
07. Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band - Understanding
08. Eric Martin - I Can't Stop The Fire
09. The Motels - In the Jungle (Concrete Jungle)
10. Ian Hunter - (I'm the) Teacher


Roger Wilson - Can't Look Back ('Thunder Alley' movie 1985) [Single]


01. Can't Look Back
02. Heasrt To Heart


Chris Eaton - Vision (1986)

País: Inglaterra
Estilo: Westcoast/AOR
Ano: 1986


Chris Eaton - vocals
Robbie Buchanan - keyboards
Rhett Lawrence - keyboards
Larry Williams - keyboards
Dave Cooke - keyboards
Robin Smith - keyboards
Dan Huff - guitars
Paul Jackson - guitars
Michael Landau - guitars
Phil Palmer - guitars
Neil Stubenhaus - bass
Nathan East - bass
Pino Palladino - bass
Paul Leim - drums
Carlos Vega - drums
Charlie Morgan - drums
Lenny Castro - percussion
Mel Collins - horns
Steve Schaffer - synclavier programming
Orion Crawford - arranger
Thom Kelly - backing vocals
Tommy Funderburk - backing vocals
Mark Williamson - backing vocals
Nick-Glennie Smith - backing vocals
Don Snow - backing vocals


01. Vision
02. Don't Underestimate my Love
03. When my Heart Breaks
04. Golden Rule
05. Hold Back the Tears
06. Love for the Common Man
07. Talk To Me
08. This is for Real
09. Don't Play Games
10. It Was Love


Vizion - Shadows in the Light (1983)

País: Estados Unidos
Estilo: Westcoast
Ano: 1983


Steve Moore - acoustic and electric guitars, vocals
Tom Oliver - keyboards, backing vocals
Eric Sandusky - electric guitars
Rich Davis - bass, backing vocals
Chris Hicks - drums, percussion, backing vocals
Skip Plant - synthesizers, keyboards, percussion


01. Shadows in the Light
02. You Have Not
03. Never Be
04. Key To Your Heart
05. Through Father's Eyes
06. Finally
07. The Little Boy In Me
08. I Can See
09. Simply Took Me Away
10. Peter's Song


Nordica (PORTUGAL) - Rebel Heart (2003)

País: Portugal
Estilo: Hard Rock/AOR
Ano: 2003


Diogo de Lima - lead vocals
Hugo MSD - keyboards, backing vocals
Tiago Harry - guitars, backing vocals
Francisco Guimarães - bass, backing vocals
Zé Soares - drums


01. A Place in Your Heart
02. Hide Away
03. Give It All
04. Rebel Till I Die
05. Midnight Train
06. Imagination
07. I Believe
08. Rebel Heart
09. Stand
10. Two Steps from Paradise
11. Can't Hold It More


Tatch - Listen to the Radio (Tonight) [Single] (1984)

País: Suécia
Estilo: Melodic Rock
Ano: 1984


Janne Andreasson - vocals, guitars
Hans Larsson - keyboards
Rainer Fetscher - guitars, backing vocals
Bo Magnusson - bass, backing vocals
Lars Eliasson - drums


01. Listen to the Radio (Tonight)
02. She's a Miracle


Cheri - She Looked The Other Way / Queen Of Heart [Single] (1988)

País: Suécia
Estilo: AOR
Ano: 1988


Joakim Lindquist - lead vocals, guitars
Anders Kerfeldt - guitars, keyboards, backing vocals
Mats Andersson - bass, backing vocals
Anders Gordelind - drums, backing vocals


01. She Looked The Other Way
02. Queen of Heart


13 maio 2018

Relayer - No Turn On Red (1987)

País: Estados Unidos
Estilo: Hard Rock/AOR
Ano: 1987


Keith Flax - lead vocals
Lynn Delmato - keyboards
Billy Kania - guitars
Timmy Starace - bass
Neil Esposito - drums


01. Feel the Power
02. Yesterday is Gone
03. Let It End
04. Charlotte's Webb
05. Keep On Dreaming


Lord Lyall and Urgency - This Heart is Occupied (1987)

País: Estados Unidos
Estilo: Christian Melodic Rock/AOR
Ano: 1987


Lord Lyall
Norman Sinback
Rose Maihiot
Mark Shipsey


01. Standing On His Promises
02. Run With Me
03. Overcomers
04. This Heart is Occupied
05. Only You
06. Wake Up


Idol Rich - Working Girls (1985)

País: Inglaterra
Estilo: Hard/Heavy
Ano: 1985


Lee Silver - vocals
Nick Burr - guitars
Tim Jones - guitars
Jeff Curtis - bass
Mike Fisher - drums


01. Dirty Dreams
02. Paint Your Face
03. Wind Up
04. City Streets


Peroux - Wheels Keep Turnin' [EP] (1988)

País: Inglaterra
Estilo: AOR
Ano: 1988


Nick Simmons - lead vocals
Matt Haslett - keyboards, backing vocals
Sprog - guitars, backing vocals
Nigel Man - bass
Steve Mercer - drums


01. Summertime Memories
02. Midnight Princess
03. Wheels Keep Turnin'
04. Susannah


Roxxy - Tú y Yo [EP] (1989)

País: México
Estilo: Hard Rock/AOR
Ano: 1989


Enrique "Mora" García - vocals, guitars
José L. García - guitars
Carlos García - bass
Lauro Dominguez - keyboards
Sergio Lopez - drums


01. Tu y Yo
02. Bahia María
03. Me Extrañaras
04. Baila


Torah - Demo 1988

País: Estados Unidos
Estilo: Hard/Heavy
Ano: 1988


Tammy Sheets - vocals
Bobby Sheets - bass
Gary-O - guitars
Doug Rudow - drums


01. Rock and Roll Warriors
02. Dreams
03. Don't Reign on my Parade
04. Pray for the Children


Stancy - Keep Hittin' 'Em (1993)

País: Estados Unidos
Estilo: Hard Rock
Ano: 1993


Michael A. - vocals
Javier Cazarez - guitars
Dave Banda - bass
Howie Hughes - drums


01. Hell Night
02. Liv
03. 99 Won't Wait
04. Poseur


Nasty Habit - Rock Hard (1991)

País: Estados Unidos
Estilo: Hard Rock
Ano: 1991


Gary Shearer - lead vocals, rhythm guitars
John Luskey - lead guitars, backing vocals
Rich Isaac - bass, guitars, backing vocals
Andy Stephen - drums, percussion


01. Stick It To Ya
02. Wet my Appetite
03. Stix and Stones
04. Rock N Roll Whore
05. Feel So Good

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